Consider this your first lesson in showmanship.

TT: I would like to formally apologize for my long absence from this page.

TT: Wait.

TT: That’s an obscenely large amount of followers.

TT: Hello to all of my new friends who came out of nowhere.

TT: Perhaps a celebration is in order.

TT: I’ll be on omegle for an hour or two while I come to terms with the 180+ people who actually want to waste their time watching me act silly.

TT: In the meantime, feel free to send me questions that are not obscene or pertain to your personal “ships,” as you may call it. Thank you.

TT: I do believe you misunderstand the workings of the universe.

TT: I can never meet my “troll self” as there is no troll version of me. Very simply put, I am the only me that can ever exist at one given time.

TT: Now if you’re referring to meeting what Kanaya imagined i looked like… well I would rather not think about it.



((Are any of you interested in commissioned wigs or shirts or something? The only reason why I ask is because for my birthday *I want to leave before my birthday. Goal is the end of March or beginning of April.* I really want to see my Jake…who is in Germany. So, I seeing if people are interested in SOMETHING from me. At this point I really don’t care what. *Except my shades….they were a pain in my anus.* So…if you guys have requests or suggestions…let me know!!))

((Yo guys I know this isn’t my usual thing but I think its time for a signal boost! Ask-Irl-Timaeustestified is a great blog, talented cosplayer, and I really want to help them out with this. It would be great if you guys could take some time to commission them if you’re looking for some sweet wigs and shirts, or just reblog if you don’t have the money.

Thank you xoxo

also i’m editing a real response now just for you guys uvu ♥))

TT: I hope you all enjoyed this day of canoodling with your other other half, discount chocolates, and teddy bears made in Chinese sweatshops run by prepubescents. 

TT: I did nothing. 

TT: At least I still have you, Jaspers.

TT: Oh.

((Hey guys! Sorry this isn’t a response, but i have some more stuff on the way soon if you want to drop a few asks uvu

So the reason for my inactivity is i was doing odd jobs around my house to get stuff for my God Tier cosplay and to save up some money to go to AnimeNEXT this June. This is only my second con so i’m a little worried uvu;; 

So, my question is how many of you go to this con/know people who attend it? I want to have some people to party and make friends with. Also I really want to make little gifts for people who ask for pictures uvu I’m good at crocheting so I would probably make a bunch of mini consorts for you lovelies. 

Thanks you guys ♥

Obligatory question marks????))

TT: I found this old tome underneath my mother’s vodka cabinet.

TT: I must say, its rather interesting.

TT: It gives me some new ideas for a story I want to write.

TT: Perhaps I should save that for another time.

((oh gosh, thank you anon uvu ♥))


The homestuck group for ask karkat will be hosting a livestream (not tiny chat) of a 24 hour event that you can join us in where we will be on camera all day as the troll/human kids, AND the 4chords group we will also introduce OOCSTUCK where you will get to meet the kids who dick around as the…

((If you guys aren’t already following June, now is a pretty good time ! (8 I’ll probably stop by in the chat for a while when this happens eheeh))

TT: Will I be fabulous enough if I wear this boa, Ms. Maryam?

TG: janey how do u stop a babby from cryng

TG: wft

TG: omg wait ross i have somefing fr u

TG: Shoosoh

TT: Not that I can remember.

TT: Jaspers is right here if you wish to talk to him.